06 Oct: International School Awards 2017

A city isn’t built in a day and neither does the humanity. The human race strives to exist and the only components that help it to thrive are love and compassion. The Indian School Awards aimed to felicitate the schools of North India that have given their best shot and contributed in changing and shaping the society for better.

06 Oct: Awards Importance

India is a country with diverse culture and traditions but what remains constant is the “Moral Values.” A school is the first place where a child learns these values. A school plays a big role in the overall development of a child and teachers are the torch-bearers. However, the recognition that a school must get for adding value to the country’s human assets is lacking.

06 Oct: International School Awards 2018

Celebrating commendable contribution of the torchbearers of education which are teachers, principals and schools, Times of India & RoboChamps India hosted the second edition of Indian School Awards this 4th August 2018. The event saw 300 school leaders come together at beautiful campus of Chitkara University, Punjab to share thoughts through talks, panel discussion and networking session.