Award Catagories

Award Categories for Schools

 Best School with online education

 Best School with active learning

 Best School with Experiential Learning

 Best School with the holistic education

 Best school in Wellbeing

 Award for excellence in maintenance

 Best All-Rounder School

 New Era Education Award

 Best School with AI courses

 Best School with STEM courses

 School with New Education System

 Best School Infrastructure award

 Best Innovative school

 School with Excellence In Co-Curricular Activities

 The REAL school award

 Endowment School of the year

 Most Eco-friendly School of the year

 Most technically advanced school

 Educational excellence award 2021

 Best School with the management system

 Most socially active school

 Best Day-Boarding School of the Year

 Best residential Boarding school of Year

 School with most qualifying faculty

 Exceptional contribution in sports award

 Best preschool of the year

 Upcoming school of the year

 Best School for special children

 Best open learning School of the Year

 Commendable contribution to International Education

Principals & Educators

 The most qualified principal of the year

 Most socially active Principal of the year

 The most experienced principal of the year

 Commendable contribution in changing the education system

 Lifetime achievement award of the year

 Educational reformer of the year

 Best policymaker of the year

 Outstanding School Leader

 Global Teacher Award

 Exceptional Teacher Award

School chains & Special Awards

School chains

 Best school chain of the year

 Best pre-school chain of the year

 Best Educational franchise of the year

 School chain with the most qualifying faculty

 Emerging Play School chain of the Year

Special Awards

 The best online education platform

 Best Education Counselor

 Best Edtech of the Year

 Best Skill Learning Institute

 Best Edutainment Program