Turning mirrors into windows Join this year’s Planet biggest educational conference with over 150 participants and some of the most renowned keynote speakers of present day.

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Planet's Biggest Educational Conference:

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Key themes of the Event

Building for the Future

The long-established set of skills the students are expected to have mastered before they leave education. The essential skills our children of the world in today’s times need to learn; how to teach them those skills. From climate education to coding, see how the leading educators are redesigning curricula to meet the demands of modern life.

Equity and Access

The pandemic illuminated long-standing inequities of race, class and gender and many countries’ continued failure to close them. COVID May have energised the attention to those gaps. What are the new methods to adapt and will they have better success?

Higher Education

What work the higher education institutions already doing to keep themselves relevant? During the pandemic, universities have had their purpose challenged and scrutinized - whether that's to students, to industry, to society or to other stakeholders.

New Partnerships

Schools universities startup’s established businesses and local communities are forming varied partnerships that are revolutionising access to the best careers. These new alliances are rethinking how public and private institutions can work together, and how they can support learners.

The science of learning

The immediate concern of catching up from learning lost during the pandemic to looking at novel ways to set up classrooms and learning to ensure future success, take a look at some new ideas to consider for schools, colleges and universities.

Parental engagement

The divide between school and home became blurrier during lockdown, with many parents having to share the workload of teaching their children. How the schools can change the way in which they communicate and work with parents and carers?

Changing the system

For years education has seen a series of incremental tweaks to the ways it operates. COVID has accelerated that change exponentially. Discover who’s been disrupting the school day, who rethought ways to deliver education and the who’s been questioning the way things have always been done.

Tech in the classroom

The pandemic pushed technology in the classroom from a nice-to-have to must-have. What tech remains after the pandemic as a useful addition to what happens in education?

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